days until World CCA Day

days left until World Cholangiocarcinoma Day #WorldCCADay

World Cholangiocarcinoma Day

Get involved!

On February 12, it is time to unite and mark World Cholangiocarcinoma Day, and we need your help to raise much-needed awareness of cholangiocarcinoma (CCA), also commonly known as bile duct cancer. Become part of the collective voice of those advocating for patients with this devastating cancer. Join us in telling the world that CCA is a cancer that can’t be ignored.

All activities are quick, easy and cost-effective to implement. Read below for further information:

Badge it!

1. Badge It

Social media is a powerful way to spread our message and raise awareness of cholangiocarcinoma (CCA). There are several ways you can show your support on social media:

  • Changing your profile image to the World Cholangiocarcinoma Day logo
  • Change your profile banner to World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 
  • Use the official World Cholangiocarcinoma Day hashtag #WorldCCADay
  • If you have a World CCA Day pin badge, wear it proudly on February 12, 2020 and take a selfie photo. Please share your pin badge selfies across social media using #WorldCCADay
Share It

2. Share It

A series of social media graphics have been developed for World CCA Day and beyond. You can tweet them directly from here or download them and share across your social channels. Please encourage others to do the same. #WorldCCADay

Sign It

3. Sign It

You can make a difference on World CCA Day and beyond by signing the Global Cholangiocarcinoma Alliance (GCA) Pledge and support us to establish a global voice in cholangiocarcinoma. Please sign the pledge on World CCA Day 2020 and share it on your social channels. You could even nominate a colleague or a friend to sign it too.

Sign It